Our Company History:
The name of our company may or may not be familiar to you, but our reputation for quality and craftsmanship is nearly five decades old.
The company was founded in 1956 as Do-All Assemblers, Inc. by Angelo and Josephine De Angelis. During the next 20 years Do-All evolved into a significant presence in the housewares industry. It was the major supplier to Detecto Scales of most of its hampers and accessory parts, including pieces that were quilted, silk-screened and vacuum formed. Do-All became responsible for a large portion of Detecto's hampers, wastebaskets, and scale mats, and, in the process, developed a reputation as one of the nation's finest quilters and subcontractors in the industry.
In 1976 Do-All became a prime resource for housewares instead of a subcontractor. A new company, Raja Products Co., Ltd., was formed. However, the commitment to excellence in the field of goods for the bath remained unchanged, as Raja began to manufacture and market its own line of hampers and related accessories. The scope of Raja’s business then expanded to include the importing and distributing of scales and other household items from Europe.
Due to the tremendous growth in Raja's scale business and in order to become a scale specialist, a decision was made in 1989 to discontinue the manufacturing of all other items. At the same time, Raja expanded its scale line, changed its packaging, added new merchandisers, and introduced a new trade name " Sterling® ".
In 1991 Raja began distribution of an extensive line of electronic and mechanical diet and kitchen scales and other kitchen accessories. This line has grown to become an important complement to the Sterling® bath line. In 1997 the Sterling® line was greatly expanded to include more diet and kitchen scales, timers, and accessories.
In the future, we intend to further expand our line by introducing new electronic bath scales, more household scales, and to include more stationery, parcel, and other specialty weighing devices. Our line of pet scales, which was introduced in 2000, is an example of our producing scales tailored to specific market needs. The goal of Sterling® scales will be to bring to market products that are unique, exemplify excellence of both design and craftsmanship, and appeal to the discriminating consumer.
To better serve its growing customer base, in December of 1999 Raja moved to new facilities in Hamilton, NJ. In January, 2004, we changed our corporate name to Sterling Home Products, Inc. to better reflect the nature of our business and our trademark brand, Sterling®